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Timika and I are so excited to announce we have released the first 3 episodes of our podcast!  In these first few episodes you will get to know the both of us and why we are so “on fire” about “FI”.  We truly believe there is a movement happening – one that we hope will take over the mainstream as more and more people realize they don’t have to continue just surviving the rat race.  People are finding the traditional model of retirement just isn’t working.  They are tired of working so hard for the better part of their lives to finally “live” during retirement – if they ever make it that far.  The FI-RE movement has turned the old model on its head.

Still not sure who we are? We are a diverse group of people, from the extreme savers, to the side-hustling super-stars, to the fanatical frugalists (and numerous variations in between).  While some may be loyal to one vehicle or another, the truth is that there is no one way to financial independence.  But by optimizing as many of the strategies available as possible – people all over the world are learning that “retiring” in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s is not a pipe dream.  There are others living this truth out right now.

As we continue on our own FI journeys, we hope that you will come along.  Our house is meant to be a place of  encouragement and inspiration and practical knowledge.  We have been very intentional about inviting guests onto the show who we believe will be of great value to you on your own FI journey – wherever you may be.

Welcome to our house!  We are glad you are here.

You can currently find us on iTunes for Apple devices or on Stitcher for Android – Or you can simply come here.


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