The Reluctant Spouse – Getting Your Partner on Board with FIRE with Curtis Mays

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The Reluctant Spouse

So many times we get asked, “how did you get your spouse on board with FI?”  Finances are one of those areas where a couple should really be on the same page.  But it’s hard enough to get on the same page about finances, but to then agree on such a radical concept as FI.

In this episode, Curtis discusses the evolution of his “FI” epiphany and how he transformed from a Reluctant Spouse to being “on FIRE” about FI.

Growing Up 

He discusses how he watched his mom struggle as a single mom when he was growing up and not really ever having more than enough to put more than a roof over their head and foot on the table.  In college, after he and Wendy met, he still didn’t have any real knowledge of money. But he knew how to work and to be a provider and for many years – he simply accepted that was his role.

Struggle was a common occurrence during the early years of their marriage and he and Wendy had many years of ups and downs after that.

Discovering FIRE and His Epiphany

So, when Wendy came to him several years ago he, at first, just thought this was another one of her crazy plans.  But it wasn’t.  It took a while, but after Curtis decided to listen to a podcast on his own, he began to understand.

Along the way, there were a few other moments for Curtis where things began to click for him. He was inspired after meeting JL Collins in Greece for Chautauqua last year. It was an incredible time being surrounded by others who all were on the same path.

Listen in to see how Curtis finally came around and is now 100% on board with the plan to achieve Financial Independence by age 55.

Mentioned in this Episode:


Mentioned in this episode:

Choose Fi – Pillars of FI

JL Collins – The Simple Path to Wealth

Christy and Bryce – Millennial Revolution

Alan and Katie Donegan – Pop-Up Business School



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