Welcome to the House of F.I Podcast!


Welcome to the House of F.I Podcast!

Friends! We have some exciting news to announce…Girl.FI.day will be partnering with an amazing mom-prenuer, Timika Downes – from The Reluctant Frugalist, in launching a “family focused” podcast very soon.  Timika and I are both passionate about achieving Financial Independence and taking as many other parents on the journey with us.  We both are busy working moms and entrepreneurs.  We both understand the unique challenges families face who also want to be debt free, save fiercely and achieve financial independence in the pursuit their best lives.

Our goal is to showcase quality guests as well as share the experiences of other parents on this journey.  It can be a lonely road, especially in a culture that thrives on consumerism.  Have you ever been met with blank stares when attempting to share what you are doing with family and friends?  Yeah been there too!  Sadly, many either don’t understand what we are trying to achieve or are simply not interested.  So with that in mind, we hope to grow a community where you feel comfortable sharing and growing – and embracing your financial nerdom.  We love weird!

We are currently in the production stage and hope to have finished editing our first several episodes in the coming weeks.  Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, you can follow me here  at girlFIday as I will be posting updates regularly.

You can also like and follow our House of FI Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Houseoffi/

Timika can be found over at The Reluctant Frugalist Blog– give her some LOVE too!

Check back soon!

Wendy and Timika

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