Have you been contemplating starting a podcast,

but don’t know where to begin? 


Or maybe you have an idea but want feedback on its viability?

Scared and just want someone to be available

to guide you through the inevitable glitches?

This course was created to have the same quality as a college level course. 

When you sign up for this course, you are signing up for a class that will take you from podcast concept to launch. 

Virtual classes will be held weekly for six weeks and each week we will go over crucial steps to launch a successful podcast – getting you to thousands of downloads within a few months of launch. 

Because that’s the goal right?  Otherwise, why begin a podcast?  The objective is to get your message heard so that you can fill the needs of your listeners – and you can’t do that if no one is listening.

In this course we will not only walk you through the practical steps of launching – but also provide you with the systems we have used to create a podcast that consistently tops the charts every week. 

The class size will be limited, so don’t miss out! Send me a message today.


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