Episode 55 – Second Chances in Life, Marriage and Money with Brandon Cunningham from Beyond the Rut

Brandon Cunningham has an incredible story of determination, second chances and of finding financial freedom after divorce and two close calls with death.

Episode 54 BONUS – Let’s Talk Numbers – We Sold Our House!

In this episode, we update listeners on how the sale of our home has added $2800.00 back into our budget and payoff all our consumer debt. 

The decision to sell the house was difficult but after much thought and running the numbers, it was the one decision that could super-charge our progress and help us achieve our long term financial goals

Episode 54 – Getting UN-stuck, Creating Work You Love with Alan and Katie Donegan

On this week’s show, we have a wonderful conversation with Alan and Katie Donegan, who have reached Financial Independence and are now doing work that brings them happiness and fulfillment. 

Alan and Katie tell us steps you can take to find that happiness for yourself.

Episode 53 – We’ll Be Right Back…

Hello House of FI Family!  As you know we are on the move this week and beginning a new adventure as renters again. So, we are taking a week off. But, don’t go anywhere! 

We are excited to come back next week as we celebrate our One Year Anniversary!  Woo Hoo! 

EPISODE 52 BONUS – Weekly Wrap-up and Celebrations

In today's Bonus show, we hear again from Chelsea Brennan of Smart Money Mamas and about the Mamas Talk Money Summit coming on October.  To stay in the loop about the summit, you can get on the waitlist for the here.  It's going to be an AMAZING event, so keep...

Episode 52 – The Myth of the Superparent with Chelsea Brennan, Carla Titus and Wendy Mays

The Myth of the Modern-day Superparent. No BECKY, you cannot do it all. 

Today on the show we have an in-depth panel discussion between three busy ladies who tackle the question of how do we have it all? Is it even possible?  

Episode 51 Bonus – Our Top Picks for Online Savings Accounts, Curtis vs. Wendy

One of the most important steps in laying a proper money foundation is to have safety nets. 


Episode 51 – What Is Your Money Language? with Tarra “Madam Money” Jackson

This week we speak with Tarra “Madam Money” Jackson, author of The Four Financial Languages. 

Do you know what your money language is? 
Tarra describes that we all have a financial language.  It’s important to know what they are to communicate with each other.

Episode 50 BONUS – Add $300 a Month to Your Budget by Flipping FREE Stuff

In this episode, we recap Wednesday’s show with Rob and Melissa, Flee Market Flippers, who turned a FREE chair into $115,000.00 in inventory.  You can do the same on a much smaller scale and infuse your budget with quick cash. 

Episode 50 – Creating an $85,000 a Year Business by Turning Trash Into Treasure with Flea Market Flippers Rob and Melissa Stephenson

In today’s show we talk to Rob and Melissa of Flea Market Flipper!

Rob and Melissa have turned flipping items into an $85,000 a year full-time business that allows them to live a life of freedom. 

Podcast Episodes

Episode 49 – Why Parent Plus Loans are the Worst Student Loans and Other Money Lessons with Robert Farrington of The College Investor

Episode 49 – Why Parent Plus Loans are the Worst Student Loans and Other Money Lessons with Robert Farrington of The College Investor

In today’s episode Robert Farrington, the College Investor, shares with us why he believes Parent Plus Loans are the worst student loans out there.
But before we did a deep dive into all things student loans and paying for college, we learned a little more about Robert, his money story and how he and his wife are able to live a filling frugal life in one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

read more


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