Episode 41 – In Pursuit of the American Dream, From Immigrant to Millionaire with Patrick Aime of Frugal Safari


Growing up in Rwanda without electricity, Patrick Aime, never felt he missed out on anything because he didn’t know any better.  He recalls his childhood fondly.

After Patrick’s father died when he was a baby, he watched his mother work hard to increase her income as a single mom. As her income grew, so did the conveniences of life.  They acquired a TV when he was about 12 years old and no longer had to visit his “Rich Uncle’s House” to watch American TV shows.

It was through these shows he had his first glimpse of what life was like in America.  It lit a spark within him to come to America and pursue the American Dream.

He describes his first win at the “life lottery” when he was able to finish high school in Belgium where he also played basketball.  Through basketball – he landed the opportunity to play basketball at the collegiate level in America.  Even though he was injured during his sophomore in college and would never realize a professional basketball career – he still felt as though he had won, because he had made it to America – just as he had dreamed as a boy.

After college, he eventually started his own business and became very successful selling luxury sports packages to corporations to entertain their high profile clients.  As his income grew, Patrick had some of the skills to manage his money – and he always knew not to spend more than he made – but he never saved – he simply spent everything he made.

The lifestyle inflation crept in and he began purchasing rental properties during the height of the market. Then the recession hit and he lost it all and had to file bankruptcy.

He describes what happened next as the real start of his financial journey.  He learned the importance of frugality and saving his money and the hard-learned principle that “cash is king.”

Patrick reinvented himself and quickly rebuilt his career.  Though this time he kept his business small and reinvested his money in index funds as well as built up his emergency fund.  He has since purchased properties for all cash that cash-flow and bring in enough passive income to cover all of his living expenses.

He has completely changed how he handles his money and has recently celebrated becoming a member of the “double-comma club” reaching a million dollars in his investments.  Patrick’s story is so inspiring and it is easy to see why he loves this country.

Patrick believes that in the United States the same is possible for anyone.  His story is certainly a testament to this belief.



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