Episode 17 – Kara Perez Paid Off Over $25,000 With No Full Time Job

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The Scars of the Great Recession

Many of those that graduated into the Great Recession of 2008 have been forever scarred, financially speaking.  Many of us experienced the pain of that era, but in case you avoided it, take a moment to consider what it must have felt like.  Think about the fear, anxiety and uneasiness that would come from facing a mountain of debt in one direction, and a jobless desert in the other.

Who Is Kara Perez?

The first time I saw Kara Perez in action, she was supporting another person in figuring out a financial question in a Facebook group.  

At the time I didn’t realize that she was the co-host of the Fairer Cents Podcast – a series based podcast that focuses on the sociological and economic aspects of money and how women on average are affected by these external systems.

As I learned more about her, I realized that  Kara Perez is also founder of the financial education company Bravely. Through Bravely, Kara has created a community that gives self-identified women the financial tools needed to bridge the gaps between their dreams and their realities.

So, a single woman without children – how does this tie into our mission as a Financial Independence Podcast for Families?

Wendy and I thought a lot about this, and these are the reasons we were so interested in exploring Kara’s views on the show.

  1. Kara Perez brings the Millennial perspective on money  – one that neither Wendy nor I can give.  Alright, yes, technically I am a Millennial. However, Kara is able to share a Millennial experience that I did not experience. Her fascinating money story includes graduating directly into the thick of the recession, being unable to find work for months, taking to side hustling, and eventually stepping out of a place of self pity and into a place of self affirmation. Her story is unmistakably inspiring.

  2. Kara has studied the dismal statistics that highlight the gap between gender and money.  House of FI Family, it’s so important to know the potential obstacles in your path before you are faced with them.  By knowing what others are facing in terms of gender inequality, you have the opportunity to avoid the same pitfalls.  We hope these concepts help you to prepare yourselves, or your daughters, wives and loved ones for potential obstacles.
  3. Kara has created tools to master money – something Wendy and I hope to do someday.  These tools can be helpful to some of you as you try to figure your financial situation out. By creating the tools Kara offers support to her followers as they navigate this money journey.  

“We’re all for cheering each other on, but we want to go deeper and look behind those happy epithets at what really makes money such a complicated subject, especially for women.”


Kara’s Money Story: A Millennial Perspective


Kara (1 of 3 kids) revealed through her money story that she grew up a New England native.  Kara spent all of her younger years in a single parent household, supported by food stamps. When she finished college she was unemployable, given it was the start of the Great Recession.  Armed with an English degree, a desire to work and a ton of student loan debt, Kara tried her hardest to find a position.   

Nothing salaried panned out, and Kara’s resolve was tested as she often panicked under the weight of the stress, and the negative cycle of her scarcity mindset. 

After reaching rock bottom, she realized she needed to create positive momentum in order to escape her negative money script.   So she got to work.

She paid off $25,302 in student loan debt while never making more than $32,000 per year and only using gig economy jobs!  No full time salaried positions.  She HUSTLED!

What is BravelyGo.Co?

Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t

-Jay Z

Bravely is a financial literacy pop up event company.  Bravely focuses on everything financial, with pop ups about debt repayment, buying homes, and everything in between.  According to the Bravely, the numbers women have lower income levels and retirement savings rates. Knowing this, we can adjust our paths, and begin a different relationship with money.  

Bravely looks at our privilege, our privileges, our obstacles, and wage ceilings. It also aims to educate learners to move past these social constructs.

The company is as powerful as it’s owner.  It places an emphasis on creating agency within the individual while preparing them for potential financial pitfalls.

Links in this episode:

Bravely Financial Company

Fairer Cents Podcast


Kara on the final questions:

  • Always save something – his grandfather taught her this as a young girl and she always followed his advice
  • Currently, Kara is reading “Spinning Silver”, Shout out to Uncle Jack!
  • The best way to contact Kara is through Instagram @webravelygo!  Also, you can find her through her website, bravelygo.co or email her at info@bravelygo.co

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