Episode 9 – Time as an Asset – How a 22 year-old Saves 80% of His Income and Travel Hacks a Five Month Trip to Australia, with Cody Berman of Fly to FI



Welcome Back House of FI Family!  This week we are all about Second Generation FI.  We are speaking with Cody Berman of Fly to FI.

Cody is a 22 ­year-­old entrepreneur and life optimizer. He runs the personal finance blog Fly to FI, a podcast Fire Below Zero, and co-­founded a disc golf company Arsenal Discs. He aims to live a life of intentionality and financial freedom. Cody is passionate about fitness, travel, and relationships.

In this episode we are going to hear how Cody saves over 80% of his income, how he has travel hacked a five month trip to Australia and his tips for raising FI-minded kids.

His story is pretty inspiring and it isn’t just for the young Millennial. Cody gives us parents some really great insight.

You can find Cody at flytofi.com and message him via his contact page.

Check out his blog post referenced on the show:


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