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Welcome back House of Fi Family!

On today’s show we welcome Kristyn Ivey.  Kristyn is a KonMari Consultant.  And if you were like me, and unsure of exactly what that meant…Kristyn helps people organize their homes, minds and lives.  Once her client’s have removed the clutter – they can make room for the things they value and love.  It’s more than just organization – she helps people evaluate the items in their homes to determine what brings them the most joy!  During the process of her own “tidying” journey – she also found she was simplifying and decluttering her finances as well, which ultimately led her to the Financial Independence community.  We have so much to learn from Kristyn today and are so pleased to have her with us!

If you would like to know more about Kristyn and KonMari, Kristyn can me found and

Also, she and her co-host, Karin, host a weekly podcast, give it a listen!

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