Episode 6 – Design Your Dream Life and Create Financial Freedom With Less With Jillian Johnsrud of Montana Money Adventures



Welcome back House of FI family!  This week we are speaking with Jillian Johnsrud of Montana Money Adventures.  Jillian has such an amazing story!  From very humble beginnings she and her husband paid off $55,000 in debt and saved almost a quarter of a million dollars.  (GASP!) Listen to how she and her husband made some very tactical decisions to create a mortgage-free life as well as create passive income.  They did all this while raising a family and even adopting four children.  Their story is truly inspiring and we are certain you will not only relate to some of the tough times they have experienced but also gain some practical tips that you can immediately implement in your own financial independence journey.

Jillian is also a writer, mentor and coach.  If you want to find out more or simply reach out, join her mailing list! You can find her at montanamoneyadventures.com

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