Episode 5 – Raising Financially Literate Kids – Next Gen FI,With Amy Koit, Author of Kids Money Habits

House of FI Episode 5 Amy Koit



Welcome to the show!  We are glad you are here.  Today we are speaking with Amy Koit, author of the book of Kids Money Habits and  website of the same name.  Not only is Amy is an author,  but she is also a lawyer, accountant and a mom of three financially savvy kids. Amy lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and children. In her personal world she explores her love for teaching and writing. Her passion for teaching led her to teach at the University of Sydney, and her passion for writing led her to write her book.  

We are excited to get Amy’s tips on frugal living, creating multiple streams of income, as well as how we can be better about teaching our kids about money.  It’s going to be a great show!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Raising Financially Literate Kids – Next Gen FI,With Amy Koit, Author of Kids Money Habits”

  1. Mod Mil

    As a mom on the journey to FI, I’m verry happy to have discovered this podcast! I’ve been specifically on the lookout for great FI related info for my kids as they are getting older (3 and 2) so I’ll definitely be adding Amy’s book to my reading list.
    Looking forward to listening to more episodes :).

    1. Thank you so much for listening! Timika and I started this podcast for the very same reasons. We felt there was a void in the FI community – specifically geared towards parents. So glad you found us. Please let us know if there are specific topics you want to hear about and we will see if we can get guests on to talk about those issues. 🙂

      1. Mod Mil

        I would love to hear about parents who took mini-retirements along the journey! I struggle with wanting to do so to spend more times with our kids now vs the effect it will have on delaying hitting FIRE so definitely a subject I’d like to listen to :). Thanks!

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