Episode 45 Bonus – Choosing Happiness on the Journey to FIRE

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We found the FIRE community in early 2016.  And you all know how on fire we have been about FIRE ever since.  But…that does not mean it has been all unicorns and rainbows.   We’ve had quite a few rainclouds and donkeys make their appearances. 

One of the things that keeps us from completely coming unglued and reverting back to old money behaviors is focusing on what is most important to us – filling our home with love and laughter. 

This weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the premiere of the documentary, Playing with Fire.  The movie follows the Reickens family over the course of one year as they pack up their lives, make radical financial moves and pursue FIRE.  Along the way they meet and have conversations with some of the experts in the FIRE community who share some of the tenents of Financial Independence as well as portions of their own stories. 

Our biggest takeaways from the movie had really nothing to do with money, but really about two things.  The importance of communication and focusing on happiness.  

Curtis and I decided to share our top ten things that make us happy, for the first time with you as well as each other.  Do you have any guesses as to what makes us the happiest?  

Take some time right now to write down the 10 things that bring you joy.  Do you see a common theme?  What do they center around?  Are you living your life in a way that you are already living out what makes you happy?  

These are all great questions to reflect upon and a good way to make sure that as you continue on your journey you focusing on happiness. It will even out the hills and valleys. 

The documentary is very well done and besides taking viewers on the transparent FIRE journey of this family, it provides lots of good information about the heart of what this community is about. 

We highly recommend you find a screening in your city and bring your loved ones!  And if there isn’t one, guess what!?!  You can sign up to host one.  You can do that here. 



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Playing With Fire book

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