Episode 40 Bonus – Side-Hustles, Are They Worth It?

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How many of you are currently side-hustling or considering whether or not to side-hustle and wondering if it’s even worth it or not?

Well, today Curt and I hash out all of the side-hustles we are currently trying out.  We also share how much we have earned in March and April and discuss whether or not it has been a good use of our time. 

We’ll also tell you which ones are total duds and which ones we think are the best! 

Here is a breakdown of our earnings for March 2019:


Lyft  – $0

Uber Eats – $3.96

Instacart  – $106.40

Amazon Flex – $220.50

Doordash – $233.91

Loan signings/moble notary – $285


Total March = $849.77



Amazon Flex: $54

Instacart: $56.13

Doordash: $22.99

Plasma: $245 (4 times)

Curt Cans: $91

Total April = $446.15 (Did not work two weekends)

Not a pretty bad influx of cash to our budget for less than 30 hours worth of work, right? 

It certainly helps evens out our income and stretch our budget in between real estate deals.


Now to the nitty gritty….

Here are the ones I did not really care for and why:  

Lyft and regular Uber – Believe it or not I (Wendy) am a total introvert and too much “peopling” can really drain me, so I would really rather not have people in my car and have to try to strike up conversations with them.  I learned pretty quickly that it was not for me.

Uber Eats: I have found I make more money with Doordash.  I made a whopping $4 the one Uber Eats delivery I did and so I haven’t tried that one since. 

Amazon Flex:  You can make pretty decent money with Amazon, I just found it was a PAIN IN MY ASS!  The few delivery routes I had were a total nightmare and frustrating and so I have not done it for a few weeks.  I think I have a bit of left-over trauma. 


The following are the side-hustles I like the most and why: 

Doordash and Instacart –

  • easy, in and out
  • usually averaging about $14 an hour
  • I am able to stay around our neighborhood
  • Dislike:  Both of these you have to schedule in advance and good shifts are taken by the people who do this all the time. So I have to get on it fast and hope there are busy times when they will open up more on demand shifts.

Plasma Donation –

  • This by far is my favorite
  • Can get up to about $420 a month
  • Only takes about 1.5 hours of my time. Sometimes just an hour
  • One of the better dollars per hour 
  • Clean, professional, very simple process after the first visit
  • Averaging about $50 an hour so far

The other big ticket is Loan Signing:

  • Getting about $80-95 dollars per signing through loan signing services
  • Can make more an hour ($175-$200) if you are able to build up relationships with escrow offices/mortgage companies
  • I have not had one last more than an hour and some are as fast as 10 minutes – depends how many documents you have to notarize
  • If you are interested in becoming a loan signing agent, listen to Enrique Castro on Episode 30B 
  • Dislike:  Takes a while to get paid and usually a paper check, about 45 business days…..Also a pain in the butt.
  • …But for the hourly – it awesome


Curt has his side hustle….he collects recycling.   He has a pretty awesome system.  Since he is a teacher and a coach and has access to the fields after events at the school – he takes our boys and his trusty grippers and picks up the cans and bottles after everyone leaves.  He made $90 by basically walking around campus for 30 minutes or so after his shifts supervising events. Not a bad haul!  


 In May we will be trying a new side-hustle…flipping items for a profit.  We are on the lookout for free items on Offer-Up and then going to re-sell them at a garage sale or back on Offer-Up.

We found our first item, a sofa in pretty good condition…it was FREE all we had to do was go pick it up.  We hope to get at least $50 for it.  No to rinse and repeat with more FREE stuff. The goal for May doing the flipping is $500.

We’ll keep you posted to see how we do.


If you have a side-hustle or an idea for one – go to the website and leave us a voicemail.  It’s super easy and there are instructions there on the side-hustle spotlight page…


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2 thoughts on “Episode 40 Bonus – Side-Hustles, Are They Worth It?”

  1. Nathalie Gravel

    Hi Wendy and Curt,
    I’m really enjoying your show and loved the idea of being a mobile notary/loan singer since I heard it on your show with Enrique. I was excited to learn about it again on your side hustle show. I’d love to get certified myself but wondering where to start. I couldn’t find show notes for Enrique Castro’s show/Episode 30B and I wonder if it is possible to add a link to the show notes for websites where a person can get certified, etc?



    1. houseoffi

      Hi Nathalie!

      Thank you so much for listening. Sadly when we migrated our site over to a new platform, that episode was one that was lost. However, you can still find it on iTunes and any of the podcast providers. I will post the iTunes link below. As far as getting certified, the first step is to get licensed as a notary in your state and then simultaneously, take a class for becoming a Loan Signing Agent. Now, you don’t HAVE to take the class to be an LSA – I would just highly recommend because the documents you will be helping to get signed are complex and if you mess up – you risk not getting paid. It also helps you to market yourself to signing services and escrow companies. The one that I took was the Loan Signing System by Mark Willis. You can google him or check some of his videos out on YouTube to see if that is the one you want. I don’t get anything for referring you – I just think he does a great job. Good luck and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-30-bonus-side-hustle-spotlight-loan-signing-agent/id1423279880?i=1000430393624

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