Episode 34 – Wendy and Curtis Share 15 Ways to Make Quick Cash

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One of the biggest barriers to beginning your Financial Independence journey is NOT MONEY! (Gasp

Do you want to guess what it is….

It’s your mindset.  It’s buying into the broken tapes we play in our heads.  “I am not good with money.” “I don’t make enough.” “But I live in a high cost of living area – there’s no way I can afford to pay less for housing.” “We owe SO MUCH – we will never be able to pay it all off.”  

It can overwhelming and lead to a feeling of hopelessness.  And guess what?  I believed a lot of those broken tapes for a long time too.  Until…

Until we found the FIRE Community. (I like “community” much better than calling it a Movement – because that is really what this is – a community of people encouraging each other to reach their dreams.) But I digress…

When we found out other people, normal people, with normal jobs, living in every city all over the county – were financially independent in their 30’s and 40’s – it was as if we had found the hidden Fountain of Youth.  It was that big of a discovery. 

Do you relate to that feeling?


If you can get past those old limiting beliefs and believe in what IS POSSIBLE – then you are ready to begin building your future.

So, where are you in your FIRE journey?  We hear a lot of people talk about being in the “accumulation phase”  and that is WONDERFUL.  The accumulation phase is when you are actively saving for retirement. 

But I would like to talk about the phase before that and that is what I am going to call the Foundations Phase.  Before you can begin building upon a solid financial foundation, you have to have a proper foundation laid.  A solid financial foundation requires 4 things: 

1. Debt Free (at a minimum – consumer debt free) 

2. Earning More Than You Are Spending

3. Money Master Plan (A fortified budget) 

4. Contingency Fund (for emergencies only)

We offer a FREE 7-Step Money Foundations Course to help get you started.  You can sign up for it HERE.


If you are deficient in 1, 2, or 4 – then the reality is YOU NEED CASH. 

Curt and I would like to give you several ideas of how we have given our budget quick infusions of cash over the years.  In the past we have used these methods to pay down debt, build up our contingency fund as well as save for big purchases.

Now, we have not tried all of these, but we have used many of them (and continue to do so).  We would not list them here if we did not believe they were a good way to put money in your pocket within a very short period of time.  

We go over about fifteen ways to earn quick cash in the podcast, so if you want to hear all of them, click on the player above to hear them. Here are eight to get you started.

(And if there are some we have missed – let us know.  Send us a quick message on our voicemail line on the right.) 



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If you would like continued support or have questions or simply just want to hang out with us – you can always connect with us in our Private Facebook Group.

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As promised here are some of the fun creations Curt is working on with his new found woodworking skills and You-Tube mastery.  (This New Mexico State Aggies Cornhole Set is almost ready to deliver.  We can customize almost any request.  The set includes the board, carrying case and 8 bags.)

You can find more of his creations on Facebook at Dr. Bears Woodworks

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