In this Bonus Episode Side-Hustle Spotlight, we hear from our listener, Jen Tserng, who is just killing it in her Side-Hustle as a dog-walker and Pet-sitter. 

Jen currently makes $25 per half hour and on a good day, she can make upwards of $400.00 a day. 

She informs us beginning dog-walkers can earn approximately $15 per half an hour and build their business from there.  

Some of the PROS of this business are: 

  • Freedom
  • Flexibility 
  • Location Independent
  • Work in your own neighborhood (or elsewhere)
  • Work as little or as much as you want
  • Limited only by your own availability 
  • Multiple ways to increase your hourly 
  • You can work for a company or start independently
  • You get to LOVE on animals ALL day! 


And the CONS

  • You are an independent contractor/business owner and you have all of the responsibilities of one (taxes, tracking income)
  • You have to build your business
  • Uncertainty 

But overall – your income is limited only by you! 

You can sign up via various APPs.  But the most popular are Rover and Wagwalker