Episode 26 – Mastering the Side-Hustle, From Side Hustle to Full-Time Income

with Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation

House of FI – Did you know that the Department of Labor projects there will be a 600% increase in entrepreneurship by the year 2025?  This projection implies that people of all ages are actively becoming interested in this thing called Side Hustling.  


Nick Loper, the creator of the Side Hustle Nation Podcast, has been at the forefront of exploring the industry, hustle by hustle.  On the Side Hustle Nation podcast he has interviewed over 300 different side hustlers! He has also written multiple books on the subject and completed a Tedx talk about business building.

In today’s episode we spoke to him about the role that entrepreneurship has played in his life, as he juggles work, family and various interests.  We spoke about productivity hacks, and how you should think about an efficiency tune up if you are thinking of adding side hustling to your life.

Earliest Money Memories

Young Nick was molded into a side hustler by his mother. Nick’s mom pushed him to make money as a kid if he wanted to buy a toy or purchase an item. This early push towards entrepreneurship led him to try other forms of business as he grew older.

For example, when in college, Nick spend one summer painting homes in town. From this experience he learned how to trade a skill for money, how to set pricing, and how difficult it is to scale when you are working in certain job categories – such as manual labor.

Yearning for Something more

After college, Nick Loper went to work for Ford, and while the job paid the bills, it became clear right away that he wouldn’t be able to make it for 30 years living the cubicle life. He began to explore alternatives.

Always the learner, Nick took what he learned about SEO, e-commerce and affiliate marketing to begin using google ads to sell items for money. As he honed his skills, he eventually decided it was time to get over the inertia of thinking about a podcast, and he took the steps to start one.

The Side Hustle Show Podcast

Nick Loper started the Side Hustle Show Podcast in 2013, about 8-9 years after running his affiliate marketing side business. While he toyed with the idea of starting the podcast years before, he admits that he was not in the right place – the right state of mind – to start it before he did.  

Now that he took the leap and started the show, it has been 5 years of growth, and is a completely life changing experience for him – opening him up to a world wide network of supporters and like minded learners.

Managing It All

When asked “How do you manage it all – podcaster, author, dad, husband – Nick responds, “Practice”. We all agreed that balancing family with our desires for growth requires a steep learning curve. Nick admits that adding kids to the mix has made him way less productive, but way more efficient.  

It’s a skill that can’t be underestimated – mastering efficiency.

Nick’s words of wisdom:

  1. At least do something to move yourself forward before taking a break.
  2. Stack it Up – Structure the weeks – trying to push all meetings and phone calls onto one day a week.  
  3. Find resources – Nick like productivityist by Mike Vardy
  4. Ensure Support – It takes the support of family and friends to do this type of work. Nick gives due credit to his wife, who has motivated him, pushed him, learned with him, and allowed him certain freedoms to explore his dreams.

Nick on the Final Questions

Money Lessons

Nick’s parents were better off than they let on, but they instilled that frugality we takes some of us years to learn as adults.  If you want something you are have to go earn it. Set the money aside – even if you have it.

They also helped me when I made a crappy investment.  They would say “it’s only money” – which lets you know you can just go out and make more.

He is hopeful that his kids can learn the same lessons from him and his wife.

They also helped me when I made a crappy investment.  They would say “it’s only money” – which lets you know you can just go out and make more.

Favorite Life hacks

Be the last of your friends to have kids.  You get lots of hand me downs 🙂 (Don’t I know it – I (Timika) benefited from Crystal’s hand me downs, and my friend Brandy (author of this reluctant frugalist article) benefits from mine!

What is your favorite read and why?

Atomic Habits by James Clear. It breaks down the methods to create high performance habits, which key to efficiency and consistency.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (Wendy’s Add)

Best way for listeners to find you?

 The Side Hustle Show Podcast, Side Hustle Nation website.  

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