Episode 21 Bonus – Fin Con Fridays with Andy Hill of Marriage Kids and Money

Who is Andy? 

We were SO excited to have the opportunity to speak with Andy Hill this year at Fin Con!


Andy is the host of the Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast which focuses on helping young families build wealth. The podcast was nominated as “Best New Personal Finance Podcast” by Plutus in 2017.

Outside of writing for his own weekly blog of the same name, his personal finance focused articles have been featured in STAND Magazine, Business Insider, NerdWallet and Rockstar Finance. Trusted as a personal finance influencer by brands such as Quicken Loans, Tomorrow and Credit Sesame, Andy’s message of family financial empowerment has resonated with listeners, readers and viewers across the US.

When he’s not “talking money”, Andy enjoys wrestling with his two kids and singing 80’s karaoke with his wife.


What would you do if you were mortgage free?  Well it was cause for celebration for Andy and his wife. They made a list of several fun things to celebrate this HUGE accomplishment.  Here is one of their videos of the “mortgage free” Pinata!


What happens when you and your spouse are not on the same page about finances?  We have all heard the statistics about money troubles and divorce. One of the more courageous things Andy and his wife have done was to be transparent about their decision to go to couples counseling to address the diffuculties they were having AFTER becoming mortgage free.  It is a wonderful candid episode.

You can listen to it here.


One of the really great lessons Andy and his wife have been emphasizing is “contribution to the household.”  Andy has found the best way to his children become more willing to do chores is for him to do them with them.  This sometimes means putting on the Greatest Showman soundtrack and doing dishes side-by-side.  Not only is his daughter getting valuable time with her dad, but she is learning that work is rewarded by income.


Money Lessons from Childhood – It is important to create goals but don’t forget they require action.  

Money Lessons for Our Children – DREAM BIG. Do it early and consistently.

You can find Andy at marriagekidsandmoney.com

GET ANDY’S  FREE BOOK: The Young Family Wealth Playbook  In it Andy interviews over 100 self-made millionaires, successful entrepreneurs and personal finance experts.  Learn how they did it!

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