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BECOME A WORKING NOMAD – 14 Remote Career Ideas


14 Remote Career Ideas


For some, waking up early and going to the office where people work together is a dream or routine that they cannot let go of. Whereas, for others, the idea of being trapped in an office all idea is stifling.  They prefer traveling or a more flexible life where they decide when and where they work – but also need income.  In our digital age, lucky for them, this is very much possible.


An increasing number of companies are now offering work from home job opportunities for people who like working from home, or who have other responsibilities that they might have to let go of if they go to the office every day. Entrepreneurship and contract/consulting type work is also on the rise.


If we talk about what’s currently happening in the world, given the pandemic situation, even people who preferred going to offices have found themselves stuck in their homes and work. We are also experiencing a time of unprecedented job loss and so the pursuit of new and flexible incomes is at the forefront.


If you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, another point of view is that this is an opportunity to make use of your skills and pursue life as a working nomad to make the most out of your talent and time. In this article, we will be listing down some of the best digital nomad jobs that you can explore.


If they align with your area of knowledge and expertise, you should try your luck and aim for a career in one of them.

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Working Nomad Ideas


1. Editor – Books, Podcasts, Video 


Editors can try out various things. If you’re good at a particular language, its tenses, grammar, and punctuations, you can easily get a job as a book editor, a magazine editor, etc.


If you’re good at making videos and know your way around video-editing software, then you can work as a video editor for other content creators. Being an editor requires you to be sharp and have excellent attention to detail. You should also be good at what you do and be able to pinpoint shortcomings in any content.

The same is true for podcast editing.  Podcast consumption is on the rise with no sign of declining.  This is an excellent opportunity for someone with editing skills, or the willingness to learn them, to grow regular clientele and reliable income.


Depending on the company you’re working with, or your client, you can earn up to $24 per hour or more, from an editor’s job – which makes this Working Nomad idea a favorite.


2. Search Engine Evaluator


The job of a search engine evaluator is to analyze search results and see if the data and results are accurate, relevant, and are of the required quality. Google or other search engines don’t always give the most accurate results. Therefore search engine evaluators are there to check those results.


Their job also requires them to go through different algorithms and check for the accuracy to make sure that the results that come out are appropriate. On average, the salary of a search engine evaluator per year amounts to $39,000.

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3. Google Expert


Since Google is such a large organization with so many different products, software, etc., there is an opportunity for you to become an expert and help others with their businesses. Google Experts are people who have either taught themselves the various Google platforms or who have taken specific Google classes and now have specific knowledge regarding Google services and products.

And the most exciting part is that Google offers free online courses and certificates to allow you to promote yourself as an expert in the various areas of Google knowledge.  You can find more information about Google Analytics training here and  Google Developer Training here.

Google Expert salaries can range from around $40,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on the responsibilities they have and the tasks they perform.


4. Accountant

Accountants have specialized skills in finances, taxes and sometimes estate planning and business entities. They are not only responsible for making and managing financial records, but they’re also required to scrutinize them and see if everything is being done on time, including the payment of taxes.

A certified public accountant (CPA) is a designation given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to individuals that pass the specific requirements and examination.  A CPA designation aims to promote uniformity and standards in the practice of accounting.


Accountants can also be responsible for overviewing all the financial proceedings of their companies to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


To become an accountant, you must have a degree in Accounting & Finance or anything similar and the perfect knowledge of financial terms. The salary of an account can range from $44,000 to $60,000 with CPA’s and individual practitioners making significantly more.

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5. Bookkeeper


A bookkeeper is often responsible for looking after some or all accounts of a particular organization, like the general ledger. They’re responsible for recording all the debits and credits and product financial statements as well as produce reports and presentations for managers or supervisors.


Given the digital age and the ease of online banking and finances, bookkeepers in these times can efficiently work from home as well and keep everything updated. A bookkeeper is required to have sharp numerical and financial skills with a sense of detail so that they don’t miss out on any key entry or adjustment.


On average, the yearly salary of a bookkeeper is somewhere around $44,000, which can go higher or lower depending on your expertise and whether or not you grow your business to include staff allowing you to scale your business.


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6. Salesforce Consultant



Salesforce is a customer relationship management software that allows you to look at all your customer insights in one place. The best thing is that all departments, be it marketing, sales, finance, can use this software for their advantage.


As a job, you can be responsible for managing all the company and customer records on the salesforce software. Furthermore, you can also be required to see if everything is up to date and fix possible solutions to any problem that might arise.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities with Salesforce, ChooseFI did an excellent podcast episode about it and Bradley Rice, who was interviewed by ChooseFI, now has a YouTube Channel and Facebook page to help others start careers with Salesforce.  You can see one of his videos above.


The hourly pay on average for a salesforce manager can be somewhere around $17 to $30 or more if you grow it as a business.



7. Remote Nurse 


Remote Nurse is a relatively newer job but one which is growing at a breakneck pace. Remote nurses might not be able to do the tasks of a traditional nurse, but they still contribute a lot in other things, in medical and healthcare facilities.


They can be responsible for coordinating several patients altogether by keeping a check on their records, their medicines, their billing issues, diagnosing their symptoms, etc. They can also be responsible for managing all the patients’ data and making sure everything is accurate and presentable for the doctors.


To become a remote nurse, you require all the knowledge, skills, and expertise of a typical nurse. But having good experiences with some extras, like numbers and finances, can also significantly help you in this job.


On average, the salary of a remote nurse can go up to $73,500 per year.


8. Remote Counselor/Therapist

Nowadays, therapists are getting higher and higher demand due to the increase of awareness and lessening of the stigma of how many of us are impacted by our mental health. Remote therapists work exactly like physical therapists, but instead of going to their office, you’ll be sitting in front of a computer screen on a video call.


Apps and digital-based options, like Talkspace, Betterhelp, and TeenCounseling are all leading the way in this growing method of therapy.


Remote therapists need to have a degree in psychology or any other related field of study. They should also have solid communication skills, and they should be very calm and empathic as well. The annual salary, on average, of a remote therapist, is somewhere around $81,000.



9. Copywriter



Copywriters are content creators responsible for creating fresh and creative content for companies related to advertising and marketing. They can be made accountable for writing texts like ad jingles, tag-lines for companies, designing slogans, etc.


Copywriting jobs have been one of the most popular home-based jobs ever. It requires you to have a creative mind, with a firm hold on language, grammar, and punctuations. Moreover, they also need to be sharp and be able to produce good, engaging content easily.


The average salary of a copywriter is somewhere around $58,000 per year.

10.  Grant Writer


Many times, universities, hospitals, and non-profit organizations often require money for their organization, and they have to apply for grants to get that money. These applications can be a little tricky to write as you have to be careful and formal with your words and often require thorough research. This is where Grant Writers come in.


Companies hire Grant Writers to write applications granting money. As they have good knowledge about the proper wordings and precisely what to say, grant writers make sure that you get the money from your desired company/lender.


As a grant writer, you can earn somewhere around $40,000 to $67,500 per year.



11. Virtual Recruiter

Virtual Recruiters are responsible for screening, shortlisting, evaluating, and interviewing new staff and employees. Virtual Recruiters can work as individual entities, or they can work for any particular organization.


Interviews can be taken virtually on different software like Zoom, Google Classroom, etc. Virtual Recruiters need to have sound knowledge about HR and have proper evaluation skills to assess the various employees that come to them. A quick search of LinkedIN and Indeed will find you several virtual recruiting firms to pursue. The average per year salary of a virtual recruiter is around $49,000.


12. Licensed Insurance Representative


Insurance Representatives work for insurance companies and are responsible for selling life, car, health insurance, etc. Their job is to educate customers that can be individuals, or companies, about the products and services that their company offers and the benefits of getting insurance policy from them.


The yearly average salary of a Licensed Insurance Representative is somewhere around $39,000.

If you have larger income goals, it is not uncommon to earn upwards of six-figures if you become an independent broker.  Simply Insurance is an excellent example of independent brokers who have taken their insurance business to the next level – virtually.



13. Digital Product Sales


Digital Product Salespersons are responsible for selling different products over the internet. They can do so by individually targeting people or uploading their products on online marketplaces, like Amazon or their own websites.


Their job is to either promote people’s products or to find areas where they are knowledgeable and fill a void in the marketplace.  The average salary of a DPS amounts to $45,000 per year but like so many other of the digital nomad careers previously mentioned, have the potential to grow into multi-six figure businesses if done right.


14. Graphic Designer


Graphic Designers are talented individuals who are great at making illustrations and designs using either hand drawings first and then various computer software. They create visual concepts and communicate their ideas to engage customers.


Graphic designers can be used to work on different marketing and advertising campaigns. They can also prove helpful in designing magazines, brochures, etc. The income of a graphic designer amounts to $45,000 to $55,000 per year.

Fiverr and Upwork are popular platforms to advertise your expertise and grow your clientele.  Begining with other content creators and building a resume of satisfied customers is an important way to begin.


12. Transcriptionist


This is one of the most exciting jobs you can do from the comfort of your home. A transcriptionist’s job is to listen to audio and type it out in the form of a text file. You can work for medical hospitals, media agencies, and any other organization requiring transcriptions. 


For this job, you need to have excellent listening skills and even better typing skills so you can listen and type at the same time. You also should have a good sense of grammar and punctuation. 


The average salary of a transcriptionist is somewhere around $24,000 per year but like may of the other careers mentioned here, your annual income can increase exponentially depending on how much you put into growing your business and promoting yourself. 


13. Medical Coding/Billing


Medical coders or billers are responsible for handling health insurance claims at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. This job requires them to be sharp, attentive, and have excellent attention to detail. 


They are responsible for interacting with patients, entering insurance claims and codes into the right programs, and do several other tasks along the same lines. 


The average per year salary of a medical coder ranges from $27,000 to $66,000 depending on the organization they’re working for.  




These are some of the best work from home jobs that you can consider and earn handsome money from the comfort of your home – where ever that may be!

If you are looking for more work from home ideas – make sure you also check out these 13 GREAT ideas.

Love and Prosperity,

Wendy and Curtis






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