Raising Financially Literate Kids

Episode 38 – Raising Financially Savvy Kids with Atiya and Rayna Brown

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On the show today we are getting tips from the Financially Savvy Accountant, Atiya Brown. With her is an extra special guest, her daughter Rayna.  Rayna is one Financially Savvy Kid!  She has absorbed all the money talks her parents have had with her and put them into a book to teach other children about savvy money habits.  Her book is called What Are the Money Rules.



Atiya did not grow up with much money.  She was the oldest of five children.  Sadly, after her father past away when she was young; she watched her mom struggle to support her family. 

Once an adult and after she began her career – Atiya began to have an awakening about how she was handling her money.  This became more apparent when she discovered that she and her husband were not on the same page about finances when they decided to buy a home.  She learned that unlike her husband, she had credit card debt. She decided to make a change and paid off her credit card debt.  

Unfortunately, like many of us.  She drifted into old money habits until her baby sister announced she had been accepted to medical school.  Atiya desperately wanted to help her sister – but was not in the financial position to do so.  This was the catalyst she needed to kick her debt to the curb, once and for all. 


Atiya decided she wanted things to be different for her children.  She and her husband decided to begin teaching her children all about money.  It began with having open conversations with them from when they were little.  From there, they also gave the children money jars to split their money into four categories, save, spend, give and invest.  

This knowledge laid the foundation for Rayna to write her book. Rayna decided to write a book to help her little brother learn all about the money rules.  She loved to play “school” with him and figured a book would be a good way to help him learn. Rayna has been sharing her book with other children who are so excited to read a book written by someone their age. 

You can purchase her book here


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Her money lesson learned growing up: 

To talk openly with your children about money. 

Her favorite reads: 

She has two…  

Rich Dad Poor Dad 

Abundant Living: The Five Biblical Principles for Financial Success 

Her Favorite Life Hack:  Ordering groceries online.  Wendy totally agrees with this one.  It’s a great time and money saver!


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 Atiya can be found at


 and on Facebook:


Rayna can be found at:

 On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ourfinanciallysavvykids

 and you can learn more about her book:










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