Discovering the FIRE Movement Changed Our Lives

Hi! I am Wendy and this is my family. 

My husband and co-host Curtis and I have six children and we are both California natives, though my heart will always reside in Northern California and Curt’s in SoCal. 

The things that get us fired up the most is spending time with each other, family game nights and growing our businesses. 

If you had told me in 2015, that we could achieve financial independence, be debt-free and be ready to retire by age of 55?  I would have rolled my eyes and snorted, “yeah, right!”  We were chained to six-figure student loan debt we fully expected to take to our graves.

 That all changed in 2015 when we discovered the FIRE community. 

What we discovered is that math is math.  And once you understand that, 3 simple principles apply.  Reduce Spending, Increase Income and SAVE like crazy

 Even us – with triple-digit student loans and a San Diego mortgage  (read upwards of half a million), late to the game (we are both in our late 40’s) – AND RAISING SIX CHILDREN can achieve financial freedom in eight years. 

 So, that’s why we created this blog and podcast.  To chart our journey – but moreover to show other moms and dads, who felt hopeless like we did, that there is a way to Financial Independence. 

Since getting serious about reducing our expenses, increasing our savings and increasing our income, we have accomplished the following: 



We are committed to showing how you can achieve financial independence and the FREEDOM that allows.  Freedom to retire, spend time traveling, dedicating time to your loved ones – or simply working how and when you want.














A little bit about me…. Sometimes blogger * Habitual Facebooker and Instagrammer * Momma to 2 Bigs and 4 Littles * Real Estate Hustler *Recovering lawyer * Married for over of half my life to the most patient man in the world * He loves me and all my shades of crazy — and for that he deserves the biggest and gaudiest mirror globe trophy * Jesus Girl Feminist *   Lover of all God’s people and His Creation * Total Bosschick and believer that we can all win! In a nutshell, I am just a girl trying to balance my inner unicorn and rainbows self with my inner Xena Princess Warrior Self.

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