10 Moments To Celebrate When You Start a New Podcast

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When Wendy and I launched our podcast in 2018, we were complete newbies to podcasting. Not only were we new to the medium, but we were also new to each other – only having met virtually in a Facebook Group earlier that year. The only way we were going to reach success with the launch and growth of our podcast was to work together!

Together we worked our way through the start up steps of finding a person to do our intro music and voice over work, having Wendy’s husband mock up the cover art, deciding on a name for the show, securing a website and launching it. The list (which we’ve kept track of) goes on and on.

The process of launching is a very rewarding one. But sometimes it’s hard to know what milestones to celebrate along the way. So, here is our list of top events to celebrate when you begin your podcast journey!

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Podcast Milestones

  • Deciding on a Name, Cover art, Show format and Intro. These logistics take time and creativity to create, but once they are done, they are off your list for good! Celebrate that.
  • Launch Day – sharing your voice with the world can be overwhelming for some. Even if you are a public speaking genius launch day will have you full of anxiety. It is the start of your journey and is something to celebrate!
  • First 100 Downloads – Yes, these are mostly comprised of friends and family, but you did it. You’ve reached 200 ears with your message, and hopefully you’ve left them wanting more.
  • Your First Listener Review – How sweet it is to receive that first heart felt review! You can celebrate by reading it in your next episode and showing gratitude to someone that not only listened, but went out of their way to speak about your impact in their life.
  • Booking a Guest You Admire – While we find inspiration in and are honored to speak to every guest on our show, there are just some guests that you are hesitant to ask. Whether it be you are a fan and are nervous, or you don’t want the rejection if they decline, booking a guest you admire is cause for celebration! Bring that same energy to the episode and it’s bound to be a good one.
Podcast launch and growth - 10 things to celebrate when you launch a podcast
  • Being Fully Booked – You have to find the booking timeline that fits your needs, but it’s an awesome feeling when you are fully booked and no longer need to search for guests. This gives you time to focus on other things, like show promotion and editing.
  • Consistency Through The 3 Month Mark – It takes time to form a habit, and takes more time to show you are consistent with your content production. Podcasting beyond the 3 month mark shows you are here to stay, habit form, commitment solidified. Celebrate your first 12 episodes if weekly, first 60 episodes if M-F and first 90 episodes if you release an episode 7 days a week!
  • Your First 1,000 Downloads (Total) – Making it to 1,000 downloads is no easy feat! In today’s world everyone is vying for attention, and creating content that people love can be hard to do. 1,000 downloads represents grit, courage, determination, consistency and great content! Celebrate it OUT LOUD 🙂
  • Your First 1,100 Downloads On One Episode – not many podcasts cross thousands of listeners on each episode. When you cross this line, you can begin to tease out what topics truly speak to your listeners, and create more of that content for them!
  • Finding Your Rhythm and Getting Ahead – We use strategies to increase our podcasting efficiency. We have 9 kids between us – what can we say – there is no other way but to be efficient! When you change what doesn’t work and improve what does, you will feel a sense of complete calm and control relate to your podcast production. This is where you should aim to be!

There you have it. Our top 10 list of Podcast events to boldly celebrate along the way. Keep podcasting, keep inspiring and make sure to comment below and share what other milestones you have celebrated along your podcasting journey!

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